Commercial Companies in Houston

Houston commercial door service and repair companies in the area provide emergency door repairs of various types including: continual door maintenance, emergency 24-hour door service for residential and commercial buildings, as well as tips and safety hacks for their customers in order to ensure that their doors are in proper state. These companies also provide a wide variety of residential and commercial hardware and parts needed for door repairs, including jack shaft operators, garage doors, fire graded doors, door hardware such as hinges, locks, and door closers, storefront doors, and many more.

Houston commercial door service providers also replace store front and glass doors. For any customers, both commercial and residential, these companies specialized in door service ensure the availability of their repairs and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer reliable emergency door repairs and emergency maintenance as well, on a year round basis, day and night, including holidays.

Houston commercial door service providers also ensure emergency board-up service. This means that clients’ doors are ensured to be secured up till the door repair is completed. Companies strive to continue servicing new areas of expertise in the market of door repairs in Houston, Texas. They also extend their service to all the metropolitan areas of the city, so even if you do not find your area listed, you may just give them a call in order to arrange servicing at your place.

For anyone having a broken door in Houston, Texas or surrounding metropolitan areas, door service and repairs is certainly available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are just a few of the tasks performed by the experts specialized in door service:

  • Adjust your door to close or open by the right amount of applied force, or adjustments to your door electric openers.
  • The large springs are winded with the upward motion of arm.
  • Inspect job sites, side rooms, headroom, or other conditions in order to assess the appropriateness of your door in a certain locations.
  • Complete the required work orders and other paperwork, give you a free quote before the job is done, request the right payment after the tasks are completed at the work site.
  • Fasten to ceilings tracks and angle iron back hangers by using welding equipment or fasteners.
  • Repair or replace broken or worn door parts.
  • By using ladders, carrying springs to tops of doors and attach them to tracks in order to install the spring systems.
  • Stack hardware sections into openings or doors into their proper place after track or rail installation.
  • Disassemble or remove defective automatic door closers.
  • Install rails, door frames, steel rolling curtains, mechanisms and electronics on electric doors, electronic openers and closers.
  • Apply hardware such as drilling holes to door sections in order in install locks.
  • Order for your doors replacement slats, sections, or springs.
  • Assemble and fasten bucks or tracks to structures
  • Run wiring for low voltage on ceiling areas.
  • Cut angle irons or door stops in order to fit openings.
  • Install door seals, shelters, or bumpers.
  • Study schematic diagrams and blueprints in order to determine what are the appropriate methods of repairing or installing automated door openers
  • Operate winches, lifts, or chain falls in order to move heavy curtain doors.
  • Bore or cut installation holes in flooring.
  • Set in and secure door activating mechanisms by using floor treadles, then connect electrical panel boards and power packs to treadles.
  • Lubricate the chambers in door closers and pack spindles by using some leather washers.
  • Clean door closer parts by using rotary brushes, caustic soda or grinding wheels.
  • By using lathes, welders, drill presses, fabricate replacements for broken or worn parts.
  • Cover treadles by using floor covering such as carpeting and operate the treadles in order to test the systems.


Just a few among the reliable Houston commercial door service providers are Houston Door Service, Vortex Doors Houston, Abco Co, Vortex Doors Houston, Houston Door Repair&Replacement and others. They provide in general the entire list of door services, from repairs and replacements to ordering the parts needed, testing, and maintenance, for both commercial and residential clients. You can rely on their professional services performed by teams of experienced specialists in door repairs and servicing.